Refund Policy

If unforeseen life circumstances happen, you may request a refund if you have not yet watched the welcome video and your course will be refunded, minus our transaction fees.

Unauthorized Sharing

The information within this course is available only to those who registered. Your login is for you only. Please do not share with anyone else. If you do, your access to the course will be revoked.

Social Sharing

You are more than welcome to share boomerangs of class/modules (we even love that) but please do not release any of the resources or documents publicly to respect individuals who paid for this course and the work Emily has put into it.


In MBCE, we are NOT diagnosing. Only licensed doctors are capable of doing so. For legal purposes, you must be careful with verbiage. This course helps you recognize red flags and patterns. We are NOT diagnosing anything within the clients blood work. And we are not "certified" by taking this course. This course is an educational course only that will provide a "certificate of completion."

Do not copy or recreate material from this course for your own program, social media or course, that in any way could be viewed as copying. Legal actions will be taken on our end. You are more than willing to showcase what you are learning and guide clients through consults and group programs; however, you may not sell or market a program as a blood chemistry course with any material that could be viewed as copied material from this course. If you wish to include your own program that was inspired by MBCE, you can email us for Emily's written consent.

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