MBCE Basics 101

  • Discover the functional ranges of blood work Emily uses in her practice and discover the top 1-2 reasons why a blood work marker may be high or low. Ranges are provided in US Metrics.

  • Discover some of the top certification programs available to you as a health enthusiast if your desire is to make your passion a career.

  • As a practitioner or certified health coach in the US or Canada, gain access to your own lab account to be able to order MBCE blood work panels and other labs for yourself and your clients.

Course Curriculum

What You Will Learn

  • 1

    Welcome MBCE Basics 101

    • Why Blood Chemistry?

  • 2

    MBCE Basics 101 Blood Work

    • Welcome To MBCE Basics 101

    • MBCE Basics 101 Blood Work Breakdown

    • Basic Case Study

    • Sneak Peak of MBCE Full

  • 3

    Additional MBCE Resources

    • Pub Med Studies

  • 4

    Set Up Your Lab Account *Certified Practitioner/Health Coaches*

    • Lab Registration

    • MBCE Panels

    • Supplement Dispensary Set Up *Practitioners Only*

    • Ordering Supplements *Non-Practitioners*

  • 5

    Overview of Wellness Programs

    • Wellness Programs

  • 6

    Further Testing

    • Further Testing

    • Want To Take The Full Course?